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Wing Gliding Officer (WGLO)

Sqn Ldr R C Smith RAFVR(T)
Wing Gliding Liaison Officer

Functional Responsibilities
  • Issuing of Medical Certificate F6424 forms.
  • Maintenance of a waiting list of cadets for Gliding Scholarship courses.
  • Maintaining contact with the two Volunteer Gliding Squadrons that serve the Wing.
  • Monitor the uptake of Gliding Scholarship places.
  • Attend conferences at Wing, Region & HQ Air Cadets.
  • Promote gliding around the Wing.
  • Deal with any issues that arise from Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing cadet's attendance at Volunteer Gliding Squadrons.

Contact details

Sqn Ldr R C Smith

Mission Statement

To give as many cadets as possible the opportunity to fly safely in RAF gliders at the two Volunteer Gliding Squadrons which serve Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing.

Useful Information

PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader - Click to Download Reader software now
Gliding Fact Sheet - GIC & GS - Gliding school contact numbers etc
Gliding Induction Course - Pre-course Presentation Notes

Gliding Scholarship Course Joining Instructions - 633 VGS DCAE Cosford

Gliding Scholarship Course Joining Instructions - 637 VGS Little Rissington

  Gliding Scholarship Application - Form
  637 VGS Little Rissington - Website

This photograph of a Vigilant was taken on the film set of "Die Another Day" the last James Bond film, parts of which were filmed at Little Rissington. This included the stunt sequence where the Aston Martin rolls over on its roof & James fires the ejector seat to right the car again.

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