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Organisation of the ATC

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The Air Training Corps is a nation wide, uniformed youth organisation aimed at encouraging a practical interest in aviation, adventure and sport. The ATC provides training, which will be useful in any walk of life. Many facilities are provided by the Royal Air Force, however, there is no pressure on any cadet to join the service. Those who do join the RAF or for that matter the Army or Navy as many of our cadets have done, have found that their time in the ATC has given them a distinct advantage. In fact most employers, whether service or civilian, recognise the value of time spent in the ATC.

The ATC is geographically organised into six Regions, which are further subdivided into thirty-six Wings. Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing which has 27 Squadrons, is located within the Central and East Region .

Squadrons are run by Officers who are commissioned in the Training Branch of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (RAFVR(T)). They are assisted by Adult Warrant Officers and Senior Non Commissioned Officers of the ATC and Civilian Instructors (CI's).

Each squadron also has a civilian committee, often made up of leading members of the local community, which is dedicated to supporting the squadron and helps with fundraising initiatives.

Having said that the squadrons are run by the adult staff, it must not be forgotten that cadet Non Commissioned Officers (NCO's), Corporal, Sergeant, Flight Sergeant and Cadet Warrant Officers are also expected to actively assist the staff and contribute to the smooth running of their units.

By adopting a rank and promotion structure similar to that of the RAF, the ATC sets cadets tangible objectives. Promotion by achievement enables cadets to remain focused, and as they work through the ranks they learn how to manage people and work as a team.

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