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WBW Wing Heartstart scheme

The new wing Heartstart scheme is now available to all units.

The course teaches Essential Life Support skills for cadets and staff in a single parade input. It also covers the first two modules of the SJA Young Life Plus course.

It is the intention of the directing staff to visit every unit in the wing between now and Easter. On the initial visit, they will deliver the course to 5 cadets and one member of staff who is willing to take on the training at the unit in the future.

That member of staff need not have a current formal first aid qualification, as the training supervisor is authorised to nominate that person on behalf of The British Heart foundation subject to a successful delivery. It is preferable that the nominated trainer has some experience in administering first aid as the input is based on anecdotal and personal experience.

On the initial visit, the directing staff will supply all equipment for that course although access to a computer capable of showing a Powerpoint presentation and a suitable projector would be useful to minimise wear and tear on personal equipment.

The preference is that the initial course is delivered during a normal unit parade, however as the staff are delivering the course in addition to their normal squadron duties, there may be occasions when an alternative such as a week end may be required.

Any unit requesting an initial course should e-mail their request to with details of their parade nights and preferences for dates. It is hoped that a reply will be sent within 3 working days to confirm the course.

Pilot Officer Rosie Robinson and Flying Officer Heather Heart proudly show off the new additions to the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing family!


Article Submitted by:-
Fg Off Heather Heart - Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing HeartStart Scheme Co-ordinator
30 Jan 11

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