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Becoming Lord Mayor’s Cadet

It was a Friday evening when I received a phone call from Flt Lt Hobbins informing me that I have been selected to represent the Air Training Corps for Coventry as the Lord Mayor’s Cadet. I am deeply honoured and excited to have the opportunity to hold such a privileged position, and to represent 8F Squadron in the role.

Becoming Lord Mayor’s Cadet – FS Priya Virdi’s Account Becoming Lord Mayor’s Cadet – FS Priya Virdi’s Account

My first duty was to represent Coventry Air Training Corps at the Coventry Cathedral on Armed Forces Day Parade on Sunday 30th June 2012. I was only informed the day before that I would be reading in front of the congregation. I felt extremely apprehensive and nervous at the prospect of standing in front of dignitaries, veterans, service men and women and parents. On arrival at the Cathedral the Sea, Army and Air Training Corp Lord Mayor’s Cadets were ushered towards the alter to practice the readings. We were to be the first to read and hence were asked to sit in the first row of the congregation. The Canon Precentor walked us through how we were to approach the microphone and the order the readings were to be presented. Time seemed to fly by, and before we knew it the formal service had started and I was on my feet walking towards the microphone. The reading went well and I sat through the remainder of the service greatly moved by all the heartfelt stories and readings. My nervousness and apprehension had subsided by this time.

Becoming Lord Mayor’s Cadet – FS Priya Virdi’s Account

Outside the veterans assembled on parade and the Lord Mayor’s Cadets were asked to fall in just behind the Union Flag. We marched through the town whilst hundreds clapped and cheered. The DI dismissed the parade and we were invited back to the Lord Mayor’s hospitality. Here I had the opportunity to talk to veterans and the Lord Mayor.

I look forward to the formal presentation and any future events that I have the honour of attending.

Article Submitted by:-
Cdt FS Priya Virdi - 8F (1 st City of Coventry ) Squadron
18 Aug 12

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