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Medals all round for Squadron walking group project

In the past few months 497 (Daventry) Sqn has started a new walking group project, consisting of a number of cadets and staff who are interested in distance walking, covering distances from 10Km up to 25Km In the past 2 months they have taken part in walks, in both Wellingborough and Folkestone.

The Waendel walk in Wellingborough took place in May of this year with a group of 5 cadets, 1 staff member and 1 Civilian Committee member all successfully completing 10Km (6 Miles). However along the way there were a few distractions, such as swings, and the ice cream van that was at the half way stage. However none of this prevented the cadets and staff completing the distance and enjoying their first walk. After the walk the group enjoyed a well earned burger whilst listening to a folk group performing a number of traditional songs.

The other walk that the group have participated in was the Spitfire Cadet March around Folkestone, also in May, which involved a group of 4 Cadets and 3 Members of staff walking distances ranging from 25Km to 16Km. The cadets were really pleased to complete 25km, along with one of the staff members, the furthest any of them had ever walked, sadly however the 2 staff members walking the shorter distance didn't manage to complete their walk due to one of them sustaining an injury within the first few miles. During the walk the groups were able to visit the Spitfire Memorial on the cliffs, as well as enjoy an ice-cream before having to start walking again.

Overall the cadets really enjoyed both of the walks as did the members of staff and the unfortunate Civilian Committee member who was roped in to help provide transport. One highlight of the walks was at the end of both, the cadets received medals and certificates acknowledging their achievements and efforts. Pilot Officer Julie Seymour commented “The walking group is a really good idea, as it helps improve the overall fitness, map reading and team working skills.” Cadet Sergeant George Ing “The walks are a good way of introducing new cadets into walking and you can also count it towards the cadets sport for their D of E”. The group have a number of future walks and training sessions lined up, once their blisters have all healed up.

Sgt Ing, Sgt Seymour, and Cdts Curtis, Gough and Reid taking a well earned rest at the Waendel Walk

Article Submitted by:-
Cadet Sergeant George Ing - NCO IC Sport 497 (Daventry) Squadron
11 Jul 09

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