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Kings Heath festival

493 squadron at the Kings Heath festivalOn the morning of the 5 th July the grounds of Kings Heath Park were quiet, peacefully and as they are every 365 days a year. Except this one. This is the day of Kings Heath festival, and 493 Squadron are coming.

Yes, 493 squadron are attending the festival again, helping the festival all run smoothly, well as smooth as it can. Yes, well somebody's got to help out with the parking, sell programmes, move barriers, find a lost child and on top of that run a squadron stall. Cripps that's a lot of work, expectably if you running on a limited amount of cadets and the weather is getting worse. Could we cope?

Well the day started with a bang, the canopy was broken, the barriers needed moving and we was running around like a headless chicken putting posters up, Not to mention the fact that we had somehow lost the HV jackets that were gave to us only 5 minutes ago. Oops.

So a normal start as they say, chaos. But luckily it didn't stay that way. Thanks to some great coordination by SNCO's wehad a working roster running in no time. So by lunchtime we were running like clockwork and we could sit down and enjoy the environment at this annual event. Not to mention enjoy the free food.

493 squadron at the Kings Heath festivalAt around 11am the lord mayor of Birmingham , lord mayor Chauhdry Abdul Rashid, arrived and as a mark of respect, 493 squadron arranged a guard of honour (see photo) after that the lord mayor greeted the commanding officer of 493 squadron, Flight Lieutenant Atkinson, before visiting the squadron stall and completing his speech on stage. We hope the lord mayor enjoyed our presents at the festival.

After this, well the fun began, after some casual begging, we somehow managed to get Staff Haynes on to the stage to talk about our squadron as well as the Air training corps in general

" So what's that your wearing?"

"DPM's, So I can blend into the tree's"

Well the day ended like it started, Chaos. Everything we moved, we had to move back, and we had lost the HV Jackets again! But it all ended without any massive problems. It's over, well at least for this year..

Article Submitted by:-
Cdt Davies - 493 (Kings Heath) Squadron
28 Jul 08

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