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Duke of Edinburgh's Award Bronze Expedition
Scarsdale White Peaks Derbyshire

We arrived at the Campsite called Shallow Grange on Friday 14 th April the weather had been kind during what seemed a long drive we were held up in a place called Ashbourne this was due to the heavy traffic, well it was the start of the Easter holiday weekend.

This was only my second expedition my first was a practice. The countryside was stunning as we passed through the Dales. I was a bit scared those hills looked like hard work and I hoped the route I had planned jointly with my team was not to demanding.

We set about setting up camp I had a feeling that it was getting colder. After pitching up all the tents our 4 groups set off for a short walk with the instructors. This was to break the ice and get the feel of our packs. I did not realise having walked for an hour or so how heavy my pack was!

We returned and set about preparing an evening meal as the expedition had not yet officially started we were greeted with "hot dogs burgers and pasta" all cooked by a staff member it was great!

After a cold night and an early morning wake up call we were now on our Dof E and the staff were assessing us. Breakfast was cooked but before that we had to put our tents down they were wet. This was an extra weight, which came as a shock. It took ages for me to motivate myself however I was constantly encouraged by the staff who also helped and advised us. Our route had been pre planned with RV points. We set off at about 08:30 . The day was long however we were confident that we new what we were doing with training that had been given. We returned to the campsite and pitched our tents and prepared our evening meal. It was still cold and I really looked forward to snuggling in my sleeping bag the tent looked so inviting I think I was more tired than I thought.

Next morning same routine up early breakfast tents down. Funny it seemed a little easier this time maybe I was getting use to it. Our final day of our 25 KM went without to much trouble however we did here rumour that a group had taken a wrong path.

All the staff went into action and after a brief but justified concern the group were located however they were able to carry on. They added a further 3 Km so they were tired. We prepared our final meal not exactly my mom's Sunday lunch but it was filling. Next morning our final morning we had a cooked breakfast thanks to the staff the bacon and sausage wafted across the campsite I was first in the queue what a great way to end an enjoyable but hard weekend.

A final check to see that my team know our route on the map before we start our Bronze D of E Expedition – Click to Enlarge
We walked 25 KM with our heavy back-packs – Click to Enlarge

Article Submitted by:-
Cdt Laura Hicks - 493 ( Kings Heath ) Squadron
25 May 06

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