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RAF Gibraltar Summer Camp (30th July 6th August)

The week started eventfully, when I almost missed the taxi which was booked to take me and another cadet from 479 squadron to Luton Airport , where we arrived at 0430. The plane was due out at 0700, so after a couple of hours killing time in the airport we were ready to take the 2 hour 30 minute trip to Gibraltar landing on one of the smallest runways I had ever seen.

The week was jam-packed with activities such as waterparks, high ropes course, dolphin adventure trips, cable car trips, the WWII tunnel tour, trips into the town centre, trips to military bases and a lot more.

The WWII tunnels involved embarking on a 1.2 mile walk beneath the rock looking at the MOD tunnels built during the great siege and we heard how Britain gained the rock. The tour was led by RAF Gibraltar Station Warrant office who knows these tunnels inside out. The dolphin adventure was truly amazing; we had an hour of watching the dolphins get up close and personal to our boat. The high ropes course got everybody's adrenaline pumping while cadets dangled in the middle of the air with one girl having to be saved by a member of staff. The waterpark set many cadets up for a couple days of pain as multiple cadets had forgotten to keep applying sun cream as they were too busy racing down the slides. They later felt the price of their mistake. All these activities helped to build the team right from the very beginning and during each activity there was a small inter flight competition which allowed the two flights to go up against each other and try to earn some extra points. The result of the competition saw 2 Flight as the winners.

The camp was great for making friends throughout the corps, everybody became like a small family, all looking out for one another especially when a few cadets had to be taken to the Medi-Centre and local hospital due to injuries such as serious sun burn, heat stroke, sprained ankles and stomach bugs. This meant that morale had to be boosted throughout the whole camp that's where everybody came together as a group and looked after one another.

I would seriously advise all cadets to go onto an overseas camp as its nothing like a blues UK camp, its full of exciting memories, filled with great people and you'll take away memories which you will keep with you for a life time.

Article Submitted by:-
Cdt Cpl Nathanial Steadman - 487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn
21 Aug 13


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