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Kingstanding Air Cadets at Sennybridge Greens Camp – August 2013

Saturday: We got to Sennybridge at around 12pm and after dumping our kits in our billets, we all marched to the mess to be greeted by a fish and chip lunch. After lunch we went back to our billets and unpacked our kit. We later went out and gathered any kit that we needed for the upcoming week such as bashas, bungees, fleeces and webbing.

Sunday: Today was basically a “getting to know the training area” day; this included the camp being split up into 3 groups, basic, intermediate and advanced. We were all dropped off in the training area and recapped on tactics such as hand signals and ambushes and also some navigation, this took up the majority of the day and we were accompanied by the sun beating down on us, when we arrived back at base we had tea, showered and went straight to bed to ensure we got plenty of rest for the night ex the next night.

Monday: An early start of 6 am was followed by an inspection and breakfast. After breakfast we grabbed our kit and waved goodbye to our billets as we would be spending that night out in the field until Tuesday morning. Today we were split off into sections and given 4 tasks which included a sniper stalk, a snap ambush, a casevac and also section attacks. These four tasks were marked and the score would go towards our final flight competition at the end of the week. After completion of our 4 tasks we were all given our bergans and we did a 4 km speed march to our harbour area where we would be spending the night. Upon arrival at our harbour area we set up our bashas and ate lunch. We then all shipped out of the harbour area to complete different missions, my section's mission was to do a recce on an enemy target, after completing this we tabbed back to the harbour area and cooked our ration pack tea and settled down for some sleep with a rotating pair of people doing sentry duties around the harbour area.

Tuesday: We woke up cold and quickly packed away our bashas and cammed back up. We patrolled to our enemy target location where we were to ambush and take out the enemies before going back to base for some catch up sleep and breakfast and the desperate need for a shower. After breakfast we went back to our billets to clean up and get some forced rest. The rest of the day consisted of some weapon training and cleaning up the rifles. Some of the more experienced shooters were given the chance to train on the l86 LSW gun.

Wednesday: The plan for the day was to be going to the fibua and to do some clay pigeon shooting however both were unfortunately cancelled due to the weather and regulars training. So instead we went back to base and the advanced cadre made models and gave orders for missions.

Thursday: We went shooting and the LSW firers helped coach the l98 shooters and keep the range safe. Back at the billets we packed up all our kit and returned any borrowed kit. We spent the majority of the night in the NAAFI bar with drinks and pizza. The rest of the night was spent getting ready to departure the next morning.

Friday: The last day of camp, all kit is packed and bergan upon bergan is loaded onto the trailer. The camp was split into two, those going to the 480 squadron pick-up point and those going to Wing HQ. People said their goodbyes and loaded themselves up onto the minibuses and said farewell to Sennybridge.

Overall, the camp was enjoyed by all who attended. It was Sgt Johnson's third time at Sennybridge, with Cpl Bell and Cpl Small who had also stayed at Sennybridge once before. All of the 487 lot including first timer Cdt Nayyar said that they would return next year.


Article Submitted by:-
Sgt Louise Johnson - 487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn
21 Aug 13


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