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Gliding Induction Course at 633 VGS, Cosford A Welcome Surprise

We had been given an unexpected gliding day at RAF Cosford on Sunday 11 th August. Another Squadron had dropped out a few days before. We met at the Squadron at 0730 in the morning and made our way to 491 Squadron to collect four other cadets with whom we were going gliding. The bus ride took approximately 45 minutes. When arriving at our destination, our names were taken and we were sent into a room and a DVD was played. The video informed us how we should enter the aircraft, safety precautions and how to wear a parachute.

None of the 487 (Kingstanding & Perry Barr) cadets had flown before and I was the first on the list and after entering the aircraft, I got a quick briefing of what we were going to do. Once we were in the air it was an amazing experience as I was asked to take over and had the chance to move the aircraft up and down. As I moved it up, I went too far and almost went into a storm cloud and we went back down.

The pilot, who I was gliding with, was very funny and kept singing a lot. He was nice. When we were going down to land, because of the rain, we couldn't. So we waited ten minutes for the rain to move, which was good because I got extra time (smiley face !!).

When we eventually landed, it was hard for the pilot to land nicely because of the rain, but it was still a great landing.

I had to wait for all the others to finish their flights. We were then invited to see the Air Ambulance Helicopter, which was right next to the Gliding School . The Pilot explained the instruments and the equipment they used. The crew of three is a Pilot, a Doctor and a Paramedic who also does a bit of navigation. He went through what they did when they were called out and that it only takes two minutes from alarm to take off.


Article Submitted by:-
Cdt Bethanie Hughes - 487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn
21 Aug 13


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