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Cadets experience Winter Gliding

On the morrow of this fine December Sunday, we awoke at the early hour of six o'clock . This harrowing experience did have a purpose, for we were to go gliding this crisp winter's day. Two of us assembled at the squadron gates at 0715 hours, the third of us ambled up at 0740 hours, much to the ire of her fellow cadets (and her Commanding Officer). A minibus journey later, during which we accumulated cadets from 487 DF and 495 Sqn, we arrived at RAF Cosford. Despite several failed attempts to make CI Yates (487 DF) forget the gate code, we made it into 633 VGS successfully. This was 633 VGS's final weekend of the year.

Cdt Kieran Small first time in a Glider

Upon entering the cadets Crewroom, where we would spend the majority of the day, we were greeted and given a briefing, despite a few technical problems with the TV. After a demonstration of how to put on a parachute, we settled in for a long and enduring wait.

Moody Skies at Cosford

Due to the inclement weather conditions: freezing rain and low cloud, together with “Carb-Ice” concerns, the first take off was delayed until the CFI was totally happy. Although two aircraft were detailed for day, one went u/s at an early stage leaving just one serviceable glider.

Finally, after what seemed like many hours, despite an entertaining conversation, we were invited one at a time to enter the available glider and take to the heavens. The Shropshire hills were snow covered and very impressive. We all thoroughly enjoyed our first experience of gliding and hope to return to the skies once more!

After collecting our 3822s & GIC 1 Certificates, we spent an hour or so in the Museum to round off a perfect day.

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Cadets Matthew Bell, Kieran Small & Charlotte Roberts - 487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn
28 Dec 11

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