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Cdt Hitchman on Aircrew Work Experience

Monday 24th October saw Cdt Hitchman from 485 (Harborne and Quinton) Sqn take part in a work experience in NCO aircrew which was held at RAF Cranwell.

During the 3 day course the cadets on the course took part in many activities related to the work of Non commissioned aircrew, including the RAF fitness test, NCO aircrew is reported to be the second most physically demanding job in the RAF. The cadets were given briefings from non commissioned aircrew personnel based at RAF Cranwell and RAF Waddington.  

Whilst at RAF Waddington the cadets were able to have a look around the E-3D Sentry and the Sentinel to look at the jobs carried out by the Weapon System Operators (Linguist)(Crewman)(Electronic Warfare) and (Acoustic).

Cdt Hitchman quoted "The work experience was very informative and I have gathered a lot of knowledge about the work involved in non commissioned aircrew, apart from having to wake up very early! I enjoyed the work experience and look forward to having a career in the Royal Air Force.

Cdt Hitchman on Aircrew Work Experience

Article Submitted by:-
Cdt Hayden Hitchman - 485 (Harborne and Quinton) Sqn
18 Nov 11

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