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Radio Course

On the 23 rd of February Corporal Pugh and Flight Sergeant McCann from 2504 squadron went to 485 squadron to take part in a provisional VHF and UHF operator's course, so they would be able to take part in the complete VHF and UHF operator's course and along with 5 other modules to achieve their Air Cadet Communicator Badge.

During this course they learned how to give and receive a radio check while using prowords. Also they learnt how to authenticate a unknown station during a transmission. Also they learnt how to give orders through a transmission using the phonetic alphabet and specific number sequence. They also learnt how to use the definitions of prowords.

After learning all of this the two nco's had to take two practical exams where you have to give and receive a radio check and then give and receive an order through a transmission. Then after this they had to take a written test and both passed.

Overall both NCO's passed the course with flying colours and enjoyed it very much and would happily go on the full course.


Article Submitted by:-
Cdt Cpl Ashlin Pugh - 2504 (Archbishop Grimshaw) Squadron
29 Mar 14

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