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Cadet Flies High On Air Cadet Pilot Scheme

Lovely Scotland, I arrived in Dundee to a rainy start but it cleared up by the flight! I managed to gain 3 hours flying on the first day!

Over the two weeks I was able to knock up 11 hours and 55 minutes of flying time in the Grob Heron 115D2.

Cdt FS A Mulvey

The syllabus is pretty much the same as the gliding scholarship; in the respect that some of the sorties are the same; like straight and level flight, climbing, descending and even circuits.

At Dundee Airport you get a massive amount of commercial airliners which makes listening to the radio and the air traffic controllers interesting and exciting.

Before any cadet is able to go solo they must complete the solo examinations which covers 5 different areas; air law, radio telephony, aircraft technical, emergencies and circuit procedures.

Cdt FS A Mulvey

I would like to thank Royal Air Force Air Cadets Headquarters for funding my travel to and from Dundee. I would also like to thank all the instructors at Tayside Aviation Dundee for giving me this amazing opportunity. The instructors are extremely friendly and able to assist you with any thing as long as you ask. The course enables cadets to gain 12 hours of flying experience which is all transferable to a PPL. It is open to all cadets that have completed their gliding scholarships Solo and usually offers around 150 places a year.

Although I was unable to go solo because of the weather on my last day I still gained my ACPS wings. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and gained a lot of knowledge.

I really enjoyed the course and found it really demanding. I met some great people including instructors and cadets. If I had the opportunity again I would do the course without hesitation and would recommend it to anyone.

Cdt FS A Mulvey


Article Submitted by:-
Cdt FS A Mulvey - 2504 (Archbishop Grimshaw School) Squadron
02 Jul 12

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