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Wing Cross Country Championships

2014’s Wing Cross Country Championships proved that there was never a dull moment within the ATC event with various cadets either slipping or getting ‘stuck in the mud’, quite literally. 

Several cadets from 2504 squadron gathered at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre in order to compete for their squadron as well as for the opportunity to compete for Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing. The turnout for the event was rather pleasing considering the gloomy weather.

The weather and condition of the running track was no challenge for the enthusiastic cadets of 2504 as they were all ready and rearing up to race. The first race was the Junior Boys. Cadet Hussain racing for 2504 (Archbishop Grimshaw) Squadron, excelled in leading the race for the first lap, however unfortunately did not manage to maintain his position and finished in second place earning a silver medal.

Unfortunately the rest of the participants were not as successful, however still deserve praise as within the Junior Girls races, Cadet Broadbent came in 7th position with Corporal Pugh closely following in 11th position.

After two races had passed it was time for the Boys Intermediate race in which Cadet Grady, Corporal Ibitoye and Sergeant Shelton were running. Unfortunately there were no medals gained in this particular race however a huge well done to all 3 cadets who managed to complete the course, which with the muddy conditions proved to be a challenge in itself. Although none of these three cadets managed to qualify in order to compete for wing, Corporal Ibitoye came a close 5th so is now a reserve.

Being the last race of the day, Sergeant Parkinson was nervous due to constant anticipation. With the rest of the runners and spectators all cheering on their remaining cadets who were racing competition was rather exciting and spectation about who would gain a place in the top four was higher than ever.

After all races had been completed, participants of the event were given a chance to freshen up before the awards ceremony.

Cadet Hussain said “Participating in Wing Cross Country has enabled me to have the confidence to compete for the Wing as well as within further sports competitions such as Athletics and Football.”

Many thanks to all cadets who turned up to the event in order to make it successful, whether runners or spectators, and give the runners an encouraging atmosphere.


Article Submitted by:-
Cdt Cpl Ahmna Hussain - 2504 (Archbishop Grimshaw) Squadron
27 Feb 14

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