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New Padre for 2504 Squadron

On Thursday 12th December cadets at 2504 were witnesses to the induction of their first Squadron Chaplin Padre. Never having witnessed this before, many of the cadets said that it was an experience which they enjoyed and was a very memorable parade.

After introducing himself, the wing Padre, Father Roy Bayliss, followed a number of procedures in order for Reverend Mr Stuart Hill to be a fully inducted Squadron Padre for the Air Training Corps.

New Padre for 2504 Squadron
New Padre for 2504 Squadron

After announcing what the Squadrons Chaplin Padre’s job description would involve, Father Roy Bayliss continued to explain all of a Padre’s roles, responsibilities and procedures in order for the cadets to understand how a Squadron Chaplin Padre would be able to support them in a struggle or even in giving advice for day to day living.

Once all roles and responsibilities were understood, Reverend Mr Stuart Hill repeated a verbal decree which was the final stage in order for him to be inducted as a Squadron Chaplin to 2504 (Archbishop Grimshaw) Squadron and was given a badge of office as well as one of the Air Training Corps gospel books in order to welcome him into the core.

New Padre for 2504 Squadron
New Padre for 2504 Squadron

The induction ceremony ended with the Chaplin leading the parade in the prayer of the Air Training Corps.

“God our father, who has brought us together as members of the Air Training Corps, help us to do our duty at all times, and to be loyal to one another, may all that is good and true flourish amongst us, strengthen us to defend the right, and bless our work that it may be acceptable to you for Jesus Christ sake. Amen. God save the Queen.”


Article Submitted by:-
Cdt Ahmna Hussain - 2504 (Archbishop Grimshaw) Squadron
04 Jan 14

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