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A Farewell Walk

I think it’s safe to say that all staff and cadets from 2504 (Archbishop Grimshaw Squadron) left Birmingham in high spirits, ready for a weekend away. Travelling to Capel Curing, Wales, turned out to be quite a journey with many tears of laughter and singing along the way. As it was the last camp which Warrant Officer Straun and Flight Lieutenant Richards were taking part in, everyone was determined to ensure it was an unforgettable experience for both the staff and fellow cadets.

After 2 hours of travelling, we stopped in a nearby town to refresh ourselves, the majority of cadets going to the nearest food shop, Sergeant Shelton took preference to finding a prawn curry. After finally restocking on snacks and drinks, the arrival to Capel Curing came sooner than expected. As all cadets were tired from the journey, they decided to hit their sacks, whereas the staff on the other hand, decided to visit the bar…

Saturday morning was an early wake up call for the male cadets as Cadet Green had managed to set an alarm for 05:00, which left the other cadets quite grumpy, to say the least. The girls on the other hand, managed to wake up for 07:00 meaning that all cadets were on time for breakfast and ready to depart for the day’s activities ahead.

Setting off to Plas Y Brenin for a morning of rock climbing, meant that all cadets were excited. However, unfortunately Mr Straun and Mr Richards were unable to accompany us, although they did enjoy a pleasurable walk through the Snowdonia Hills.

A Farewell Walk

The cadets, were split into two groups for the course of the rock climbing to ensure safety regulations. Thankfully there were no injuries, although Corporal Khan came close to hitting his face off the wall. After the morning of rock climbing, cadets once again boarded the minibus in order to go for a tour of Electric Mountain.

After freshening themselves up back at base, cadets met the staff members at dinner where plans were made for cadets to enjoy an evening of bowling in a nearby town. The journey to and fro the bowling alley lasted near enough an hour, however when traveling with 2504 members, a journey is nothing short of entertaining. Unfortunately, even though the majority of the cadets are rather competitive, it was rather clear that Bowling wasn’t our best sport!

Waking up at 06:00 the following morning was rather a challenge as many of the cadets were tired. An earlier start meant that cadets were ready for the walk ahead of us before leaving the Welsh countryside and returning to Birmingham.

Changing the route last minute, meant that cadets were held responsible for navigating there way alongside a river and through woods in order to meet Flt Lt Aftab at the arranged destination. This was no challenge for the cadets at 2504 as they worked together as a team in order to ensure we were constantly heading in the right direction. The walk was rather entertaining, with various slips and splashes of water cadets were never far from moments of laughter.

A Farewell Walk

Finishing the route with time to spare meant that cadets had the opportunity to explore a nearby market and enjoy the scenery of the national park before departing on their journey back to Birmingham. Whilst a few of the cadets slept, the other cadets enjoyed reminiscing the events of the weekend before tuning in to the football coverage on the radio, which meant that it was time for the majority of female cadets to start a karaoke session.

Overall, the weekend proved to be rather enjoyable with the weather being delightful as well as the positive atmosphere that the cadets and staff ensured was constantly present. The camp drew to a close when cadets touched base at 2504 squadron shortly after cleaning and washing the minibus. A huge thank you to all cadets and staff who attended and made the weekend an enjoyable one!

Flt Lt Richards                                Sgt Shelton                           Cdt Merriman
Flt Lt Aftab                                     Sgt Parkinson                        Cdt Green
WO Straun                                     Cpl Hussain
Mrs McCann                                   Cpl Delaney
CWO Towle                                    Cpl Khan
Flt Sgt McCann                               Cpl Pugh


Article Submitted by:-
Cdt Sgt Ahmna Hussain - 2504 (Archbishop Grimshaw) Squadron
01 May 14

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