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Nescliffe Initial Weapons Training Weekend

On the 19 th of April 2013, Corporal Delaney, Corporal Shelton, Cadet Pugh, Cadet Hussain (female), and Cadet Hussain (male) all went on the Initial Weapon Training (IWT) until the 20 th April.

Nescliffe Initial Weapons Training Weekend

Corporal Shelton trained on the L98A2 and the rest of us trained on the .22 rifle, Whilst on the course we learned new things and we learned how to safely handle and fire the weapon. When we first arrived at Nescliffe at 7:30pm we were shown to our bunkers and had time to meet the people we were staying with. Everyone made friends quickly and this made the camp more enjoyable. Later on that night we had our briefing on how the weekend would be running and also how to be safe around the weapons.

The next day we had to wake up at 6:30am to be ready and have eaten by 8:00am to pick up the weapons from the armoury. After this we then started our lessons learning about the weapons and how to clean and care for them. By lunch time we had been taught all the basics about the weapon as were ready to take our weapons handling test. The test involved a practical test and then three safety questions. We were tested on how safe we were using the weapon and how we cope with misfires and how we shoot the weapon. All cadets on the .22 rifle passed their weapons handling test within 2 attempts.

Although Corporal Shelton passed his training on the L98A2 which longer and more difficult. They had to learn how to strip and clean the L98A2, how to fire and how to be safe with the weapon. After they had passed their test they were allowed to use the DDCT range? What allowed them to use projector screens that simulated different scenarios and allow them to shoot without using any ammunition.

Overall the weekend was very successful with all cadets passing and a big thank you to 2030 Squadron for the help with transport.



Article Submitted by:-
Cdt Cpl Delaney - 2504 (Archbishop Grimshaw School) Squadron

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