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Cadet Listís Account of Green Squirrel II

On the 1st and 2nd September, I went to my first camp at Bramcote Barracks to do a series of events e.g. patrolling, cooking classes for outdoors, camouflage and concealment and navigation basics with grid references and plotting various things in a field, we did a bit more and then that was navigation done. 

Then we did basic radio so learning about the phonetic alphabet, basic radio words, then we did some radio checks and then it was lunch.  We got taught how to use a hexi stove and we got our mess tins and put our food in and ate and had a 45 minute break. 

Then after that we had patrolling lessons and Sergeant Mockett was absolutely amazing at teaching us.  The first thing we did in patrolling was plotting where everyone goes in the line e.g. point man at the front and the 2IC second in the line then Charlie fire team, and the fourth guy is the person who looks out for the third and fifth guy, then the fifth guy is the Commander and so on. 

So after we did that we went round the edge of the field patrolling and Sergeant Hartshorn hid in the bushes and put gun fire on us (staff note - it wasnt actually gun fire!) and we all had to get down, it was really fun.  And then we had a break and after that we did a bit more patrolling, ready for the night ex where the two Sergeants and their friends were the enemy, we had to try to find them then set up a patrol camp in the forest, they all hid really well because we couldnt find any of them.  And so that was the night ex. 

The second day we did loads more patrol to practice and all of the adults were amazing at teaching us.  I owe them all a big thanks so THANK YOU GUYS for making my first camp a really good.

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Cdt List - 2286 (Arden) Sqn
20 Oct 12

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