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Air Cadet Music Training Camp

Friday 20th May 2016
We all arrived at RAF Halton at different times between 3 PM and 11 PM , it gave us the opportunity to get to know each other.
Once everyone was there we had a briefing about the weekend from the team and wend t to bed around 11:30

Saturday 21st May
We awoke at 7 AM and got ready into our civvies and marched down to breakfast for 7:30 breakfast at Halton is very good. After breakfast we had until 9 to get into our working blues and load chairs, instruments and music stands into a van we were then driven to the area we were going to practice. Once we were settled the drummers went to another room across the carpark (I’m a clarinet player). We then played a selection of music from a book ‘Tunes and toasts’ with lots of breaks. I enjoyed this experience as I only normally play at school At 12 we marched down for lunch (very good again) returning to the music rooms and played some concert band music and two pieces ‘The Muppet Show and Pirates of the Caribbean’ with the drummers . WE broke up into to smaller groups to work on mess band music –followed by dinner, after dinner we went back to the accommodation and got changed into Civvies and chilled for a while going back to the music rooms for a little more practice. Then we all went to Tesco’s in the mini bus to get some snacks the staff set up a TV and DVD player in the accommodation block so we could all watch a movie before bed.

Sunday 22nd
We awoke at 7am and went to breakfast in Civvies before changing into working blues. At 9 we went back to the music area and played through the mess band music and some concert music followed by lunch. After our last meal (the food at Halton was all very good). We tidied the block and in the music area sorted our music folders into the correct order and played through a few pieces. We then packed up the chairs to their home and put the drum kits away. We played some games until we were collected at 5 PM.

I had a really great time and again made some new Cadet friends, I really enjoyed my first taste of Band Music and it’s encouraged me to practice a bit more. It also made me feel more passionate about playing my clarinet and I can’t wait for future events.
I would like to thank Squadron Leader Glover, Sergeant Tompkins and CI Clark   for arranging this cam and their encouragement. I hope to be able to attend further and become part of the area band.

Article Submitted by:-
CPL Hooper - 2286 (Arden) Sqn
27 May 16

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