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A diary of Warwickshire & Birmingham wing annual camp
RAF Linton on Ouse

Saturday The day we arrived, the coach journey took about four hours to North York, but the coach was delayed and we arrived two hours later than we was expected so we had limited time to unpack before the camp training programme began. The first activity on the training programme began at about 16:00hrs the cadets was given a sheet of paper with twenty different locations of the RAF station on the sheet, there task was to find each location before the time ran out, the cadets had about thirty minutes and found the task a quite fun activity and gave them a chance to explore and become familiar with the station before the week began.

Sunday Today, the cadets were taken to the town centre of York , and got to explore the town centre. The cadets were given four hours to explore the town and were set free to spend there money. After the cadets visited the Royal Armory Museum in Leeds we then headed back to the station for dinner and then the rest of the evening in there dorms prepping for the next day.

Monday The third day of the camp, today the cadets visited the shooting range, cadets were shooting the .22 rifle and the L98A1, the rest of the cadets were carrying out there WHT's, unfortunately we ran out of time for the L98 and it was not fired on the range. Cadets then were giving initiative exercises, later following an evening at the station GYM, where cadets had fun doing activates with two station members. Also on the day six lucky cadets received the chance to fly in the famous Merlin Helicopter for four hours to several other RAF stations across the country.

Tuesday After Monday cadets were showing tiredness, but that did not stop us going to the Water World in Leeds, first the cadets were given the task to try and earn their Basic Swimming Competence Certificate, once each cadet completed this the cadets were allowed to roam the Water World for three hours. After the cadets, had the evening off, time to prepare there uniform for the camp photo!

Wednesday Today was the big day, the cadets were taken to Northumberland Nation Park, just on the outskirts of Scotland to take part in Adrenaline, an obstacle coarse which walking around would take one hour thirty minutes, the cadets were split in to two flights, A Flight and B Flight. A Flight accomplished the obstacle course in just twenty one minutes, beating B Flights result of thirty minutes. The park was extremely muddy and wet. After we all went  back to there dorms to shower and make our uniform looking good for the camp photo, which was taken place in front of the famous Tucano.

Thursday The week was soon coming to a halt, the programme did say that cadets would go flying at 9 AEF RAF Church Fenton, but some slots were cancelled due to staff cadets doing training for there scholarships, only 10 cadets went flying, so the staff took the cadets to do section visits, and get a closer look around the station, this was followed by a trip to RAF fire station, and have a look at the equipment they use. Cadets enjoyed the visit also have a chance to get each other extremely wet with the fire hose! Finally the cadets were taken for a game of bowling for the Inter flight Competition.

Friday The last day of annual camp, today the cadets were taken to the Army Air Corps base in York . This was a very interesting visit for the cadets as they got to examine one of the army's fastest helicopters, the Lynx. The visit was a success and really motivated and made us think about the career in later life. The day was soon over, and the staff announced the A Flight the winners of the Inter Flight Competition.

Saturday The cadets were up early for there final day at camp, through out the week the cadets had room inspections and were marked for their tidiness each day, the cadets spent the morning packing and typing their rooms which then done was followed by a four hour journey home.

It was a fantastic camp it was my first annual camp and i can't wait for my second"

Warwickshire & Birmingham wing annual camp - RAF Linton on Ouse

Article Submitted by:-
Cdt James Morgan - 2030 (Elmdon & Yardley) Squadron
21 Aug 09

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