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RAF Coningsby

Warwickshire & Birmingham Camp RAF Coningsby – Cadets visit Typhoon of 3 squadron Five cadets and two staff members from 2030(Elmdon & Yardley) squadron have recently returned from a week long annual camp at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire, from 4 th -11 th July, along with cadets from other squadrons within Warwickshire and Birmingham wing.
The station is home to various aircraft including Typhoons, Harrier GR9, Tornado GR4 and the Battle of Britain Memorial flight. During the week the cadets were split into two flights.
On arrival the cadets visited the fire section where they were shown around the equipment and fire engines used by the RAF, they were also given a section brief about fire safety at RAF Coningsby.  Four cadets including Sgt Everett from 2030 got the opportunity to go winch gliding in the Viking at Syerston VGS nearby where they went for 3 to 4 flights lasting about 10 minutes each. It was a brilliant experience where they had a chance to fly the glider themselves and also got a good view of the local area and villages. Most of the cadets on the camp also went flying the next day in the Grob Tutor where they were able to experience aerobatics, if they wanted to.               
During the week the cadets visited 3 squadron (Typhoon) where they got close up to the aircraft, learnt how it works, what operations it is involved in and could even experience sitting in the cockpit. They also visited the Typhoon maintenance section and had the once in a life time experience of flying in a typhoon simulator so they could have a go at carrying out aerobatics and landing the typhoon. All the cadets really enjoyed the experience and most managed to return the plane successfully.               
The cadets also visited the Battle of Britain Memorial flight, which is home to aircraft from the Second World War such as, Spitfires, Hurricanes, a Dakota and a Lancaster bomber. Cadets really enjoyed hearing stories about the planes and famous pilots from World War 2. Cdt Sgt Harris and adult Sgt Kenny were chosen to have a private tour inside the Lancaster bomber, I was really lucky to be able to look around inside the Lancaster , it was a great experience and gave me an idea of how it would have felt to fly in it during the war. Sgt Harris commented.

Warwickshire & Birmingham Camp RAF Coningsby – Inside the BBMF Lancaster bomber               
In the middle of the week the cadets took part in a night exercise in their two separate flights where they learnt how to camouflage themselves and how to carry out a patrol of an area. They then used these skills in an exercise to capture the other flights flag. All the cadets enjoyed the activity and worked well as a team, A flight winning the exercise. The next day cadets took part in high and low ropes courses which tested their team working and problem solving skills.                 
On the last day cadets went shooting with the No.8 and L98 rifles, which they had done training on earlier in the week and took part in an interflight drill competition where A flight were chosen as the winners, who won best flight of the camp overall. The cadets were kept busy throughout the camp and also took part in sports such as swimming and relaxed in the evening with bowling. It was a memorable week enjoyed by all cadets and staff that attended. 

Warwickshire & Birmingham Camp RAF Coningsby – Cadets visit Tornado Squadron

Article Submitted by:-
Sgt. Ruth Everett  - 2030 (Elmdon & Yardley) Squadron
23 Jul 09

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