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Cadets Welbeck Selection Journey Continued

Sgt Daniel Gellender After returning from RAFC Cranwell in March 2007, where I took part in a four-day selection course for a place at Welbeck, the Defence Sixth Form College, I had to wait an extremely long and stressful two months before I finally received my letter from the College concerning my application.

To my delight, the letter offered me a conditional place at the college!

I will know if I have got the place at the Sixth Form College , when I receive my GCSE results, in late August 2007 so a little more stress but hopefully a positive outcome.

If I am offered a place, I will start my two year A-level course in September 2007 studying Maths, Physics, Electronics and Computing. I will also take part in many non-curricular activities; the one I am most looking forward to is joining the Combined Cadet Force. This is very similar to the ATC, but with a greater emphasis on leadership and personal development.

These two years will be followed by studying an Engineering course at university. On completion of my degree, I will return to RAFC Cranwell to start Initial Officer Training for six months.

After passing this and graduating from the college, I will be posted to an Engineering Training Unit before starting my career as an Engineering Officer in the Royal Air Force.

My fellow Southam Cadet, 'Lizzy' Coombe, unfortunately did not make it this time but I am sure that she, like me, really enjoyed the experience at Cranwell and I wish her every success for the future.

For more information relating to the Defence Sixth Form College - Welbeck
please See our previous article Welbeck Selection Journey or visit the Welbeck website

Article Submitted by:-
Sgt Daniel Gellender - 2028 (Southam) Squadron
20 May 07

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