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Two Southam Squadron Cadets attend
Welbeck Selection at RAFC Cranwell

We went to RAFC Cranwell on Sunday 18th March. We got there at 1600 hours to begin our four day selection procedure in order to attend the Defence Sixth Form College - Welbeck. Shortly after we arrived, we were taken for an initial briefing on the upcoming four days. After the briefing we were given a chance to unpack our belongings and make new friends.

The rest of the day was free for us to do what we wanted so we took the opportunity to make new friends with the other candidates over a game of pool or had a chat in the bar. Everyone soon decided to have an early night ready for the demanding days ahead.

At 0600hours on the Monday morning, we had to be up and ready for breakfast, quickly followed by aptitude tests for one and a half hours. After this we all had a basic medical, which included being weighed and your height being measured. After that, hearing tests took place by which time we were ready for lunch. Later in the afternoon, a couple of candidates had their interviews while the rest had their eye sight tests. After another few games of pool and relaxing at evening, we all went off to bed.

On Tuesday, we once again had an early start and then the rest of the interviews plus a full medical examination, followed by a medical review, after breakfast. After that, some of the candidates were sent home, while the others waited hoping that they had passed the first stage. This was quite worrying but we survived!

The candidates, who had made it to stage two, took part in a leaderless exercise, a group discussion as well as a group planning exercise which was followed by a swimming evaluation in the later afternoon. Again that evening, we all relaxed as it had been a stressful day.

The next morning, the final day, we were up early again for breakfast, ready for the individual planning exercise and leadership exercises that followed on from the previous day. After doing these exercises, a short final interview took place and then a fitness test.

We all then returned to the candidate's mess, packed our belongings and had lunch. Over lunch we had a quick final briefing and then we were allowed to return home.

We are both now awaiting our results which could take up to two months. We hope we made it!

RAFC Cranwell

For more information relating to the Defence Sixth Form College - Welbeck please visit their website

Article Submitted by:-
Sgt Daniel Gellender and Cadet 'Lizzy' Coombe - 2028 (Southam) Squadron
04 Apr 07

Webmaster Comment
Thanks for sharing your experience with the rest of the Wing, may I congratulate you on an interesting article and wish you both the best of luck within the subsequent selection process.

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