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A Cadets View of a Careers Office Visit

On Thursday the 21st of June 2007, 2028 (Southam) Squadron had a visit from the RAF Careers Officer, Sergeant 'Ali' Martin. He came to advise us on RAF careers and also to have a bit of fun with us. But as it turned out it was more than just 'fun.'

To begin with, we had an icebreaker session where the cadets had to introduce themselves by telling everyone their names, ages, what we get up to and something about themselves that others may not know. Everyone had something funny to say when it came to things people wouldn't know about them but I think the best was one of the Corporals revealing that he gets called ' Wiggle Piggle' by his parents.

RAF CIO Visit – Click to EnlargeOnce we were all introduced we started to think about the qualities that we would need in order to be part of a team. With this in mind Sgt Martin then set us a little task to line up in height order, with our toes touching a rope but we had to do it in total silence. When we thought we had completed the task he then told us we had only completed it by 80% and to take a look at ourselves. Taking a look around we realised that not everyone was touching the line; some of us had a foot on top of the line, some just touching the line and others not at all. We did the task again and the second time we could talk but still we didn't complete the task.

Then we did the task a third time but in age order, which we completed but our feet were still very different. On reflection we released that everyone understood the task but we all had our own ways of carrying it out. We all learnt that when doing a task within a team we all need to communicate RAF CIO Visit – Click to Enlargewith each other and come up with a set plan that everyone understood and agreed to. Then we could carry out the task effectively and no one has to estimate the others actions.

Next we had to see how many tennis balls we could get around the circle of cadets. Sounds simple but there were a few rules. The balls had to come out of a bag and finish up in the bag, start with one person and end up with that person. Everyone had to touch the balls once, the balls had to go across the circle not round it and the balls couldn't touch the floor. There were many ideas of how to go about the task but we settled first of all, on throwing all the balls, in the bag, across the circle to the person opposite. It worked well but we weren't really touching the balls so we did the same thing but throwing balls at intervals to each other in order to get as many as we could round the circle. This caused much hilarity, as quite often the balls were dropped, juggled as two or three flew at them and sometime cadets had the balls bounce off their heads, mine in particular!

The whole night was really enjoyable and everyone who took part will felt that we all kind of bonded, we communicated and worked with each other probably better than perhaps we'd ever done before. I think that most of us released that everyone is different and everyone has different ways of thinking but as a team, if we listen to one another, encourage each other, and come to an agreement as a collective about how to carry out a task, then we could do what ever we wanted and to the best of our abilities. We can't wait for December when Sgt Martin is coming down to see us again, who knows what he might come up with next time.

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Sgt 'Chess' Scriven - 2028 (Southam) Squadron

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