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Taking part in the Athletics

Cpl Caves with his recent Three Gold medals won at Corps AthleticsI have always enjoyed sport and have represented 2028 Squadron in Athletics at the Wing championships and been lucky enough to be chosen for both Region and Corps level which makes me very proud. I hope my report will inspire other Cadets to ‘have a go.' 

The day we went to the Regional Athletics was very hot, that was the only way to describe it! The 23 rd May got even hotter as the day progressed! After a reasonably quiet coach journey there, tracksuits were issued and everyone found their seats, ready for the competition to begin. In the warm shade of the stands everyone started making friends and discussed events and anything else that came to mind! Then as the medals were handed out during the day, more and more cadets from Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing could be seen climbing onto the podium with lots of silver and gold medals being bought back to our stand! After the final parade, with orders such as “sit in the shade” being given, it was time to go, and the journey back was a lot louder than on the way there, with talk of how well the Wing competed, which everyone agreed was extremely well!

Two cadets from 2028 Squadron, Cadet Ellie Justice and I, competed at Region with some brilliant results.

Cadet Justice gained GOLD in the discus and was nominated to represent the Region.

I won GOLD in the 100m and 200m . I am proud to say I broke the competition record for my age group in the 200m set in 1997. I also won SILVER in the 4x100m relay and was chosen to represent the Region AT Corps level.

The Corps Athletics championship was held on the 19 th June at DCAE Cosford. After a very early start and a cold morning, the track started to buzz with activity as all the Regions turned up and set up their tents for the shade that was needed more and more as the day progressed as it very quickly got sunny and very hot again! The day was very exciting with many of the events being very close due to the high quality of competition. Despite this, Central and East region did amazing, bringing in many trophies! Eventually after winning 2 relay events, the region ended up with 11 trophies! Overall the region did very well in all the age groups!

Once again I am proud to say that Cadet Ellie Justice and I competed, this time for the Region.

Cadet Justice did spectacular, coming 4 th in her age group in the Corps for discus event!

I gained GOLD in the 100m , 200m and the 4x100m relay. I have now been nominated as the Corps 100m and 200m runner for Class ‘A' Boys.

Flight Lieutenant Moreton, CO of 2028 Squadron commented,” Cpl Alex Caves has proven himself to be a great Athlete, his Squadron sports jacket is already covered in Wing, Region and Corps badges, not just for Athletics but also for Rugby as well. He and Cadet Ellie Justice are proving to the rest of 2028 Squadron that if you take part, you might just win and boy can Alex win.”

Article Submitted by:-
Cpl Caves - 2028 (Southam) Squadron
09 Jul 10

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