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Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition

Last weekend two groups of Air Cadets set off from 198 Squadron in Hinckley to attempt their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award Expedition. I was in the group doing the ‘actual’ expedition, the other group doing their ‘practice’ expedition.

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition

The first day’s walking was good, the weather was dry and we didn't get too lost...   With me at the front and the girls following up behind, we braved fields of cows, met horses, crossed rivers,  farmer’s fields and negotiated dogs and their owners with due diligence. Finally, after 6 hours walking we arrived at Ullesthorpe Scout camp site. Then the weather changed, from a lovely autumn day to a full on storm, not falling rain but a wall of water as if the fire service were spraying us with 2000 water hoses, making cooking dinner extremely tricky. We retreated to our tents for the evening.

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition

The following day, the weather had brightened again, but the ground was now slick with mud. We all were tired slowing our pace significantly. The situation deteriorated still further as we managed to walk a couple miles off course. By the time we eventually returned we were all tried but glad to have completed our expedition. 

We all had an awesome weekend, even if all we did want when we finished was a hot meal and a warm bed. We're all looking forward to getting our results in a few weeks time, and for some of us silver is the next hurdle.

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition


Article Submitted by:-
Cadet James McCall - 198 (Hinckley) Squadron
05 Dec 13

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