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Flights fight for Trophy Round One

The two flights of 198 (Hinckley) Squadron are heating up the competition for the Flight Trophy awarded every year at their Dining in Night.

The scores are very close this year! This has led to their Cadet Warrant Officer, Chris Lovell, organising special flight competitions to intensify the fight for the trophy. The CWO said “The flights are awarded points for their turn out to all kinds of cadet events this is just a fun way of finding out how competitive the flights can really get!”

So far Hurricane Flight (in Red) are in the lead but Spitfire (in Blue) are catching up! The first flight competition night was a victory for Spitfire. The aim of the night was simple, teamwork! The flights had to work together to transfer a bowl full of Skittles on one side of the room to an empty bowl on the other. It was a race however the winner also had to have the most skittles. They had to do this using a spoon which had to be passed from person to person, dropping the spoon would get you a penalty. Sadly for Hurricane flight, the spoon hit the floor and the CWO was quick to replace it for them… with a spatula. He added “it was hilarious to watch cadets using a spatula to transfer skittles! Although the team work was good, it resulted in a lot of skittles falling on the floor as the tension of the race heightened”.

Flights fight for Trophy – Round One

The flights are led by Cadet Flight Sergeant Edward Wonders (IC Hurricane) and Cadet Flight Sergeant Robert Wilkinson (IC Spitfire).  When asked who was likely to win this year they said:

FS Wonders: “Our effort as a flight this year has put us in 1st place for many months now, it’s not something we are going to give up lightly. Spitfire Flight don’t have a chance of taking the top from us, they may have won last night but that makes us even more determined to win! The trophy is ours.”

Flights fight for Trophy – Round One
Flights fight for Trophy – Round One

FS Wilkinson: “It’s going to be a victory for Spitfire, we may not be in the lead right now, but we will turn it around! We won last year and we won’t be beaten by Hurricane! Last night’s Victory was a sign that were on our way back to 1st place.”

198 Squadron’s last Dining in Night saw Spitfire Flight finally defeat Hurricane Flight. Hurricane Flight had won the trophy for the last four years. This year is the most competitive it has ever been.

CWO Lovell said “With two more flight competitions before Dining in Night, it’s very hard to tell who will win!”

Article Submitted by:-
Cdt WO Chris Lovell - 198 (Hinckley) Squadron
05 Dec 13

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