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The Manston camp

Cadets from 198 Hinckley Squadron recently went down to DFTC Manston (formally RAF Manston) Home of military fire fighter training for the UK.

Cadets have not stayed at Manston for over 25 years so 24 very privileged cadets went through the gates of the World War Two station to get involved in the training process and do stuff cadets have never done before.

Cadets at Capel le Ferne the Battle of Britain memorial in front of the Spitfire

The activity that cadets reported as their personal favourite was the fire fighter training day, this was a day filled with different parts of the RAF fire fighter training process including finding casualties in houses, going through cages with breathing equipment on and putting out aviation fuel fires! Cadets put their strengths to the test against the powerful water hoses on board the RAF fire and rescue vehicles which took 2 cadets to man. Cadets were shown several displays of major incidents (such as air show crashes) by the Royal Air Force and the Dutch Royal Air Force.  Cadets were amazed to see the immense power of the Dutch vehicles which apparently have nearly 1000 Bhp and 24Litre engines!  But fire fighting was not all that was done, cadets were also educated about the dangerous effects of back draft and how fire fighters rescue people in various incidents. And all this in one day!

Cadets fight a fuel fire with foam, and succeed in extinguishing the flames.

On other days cadets took part in a night exercise organised exceptionally well by the local Air cadet Squadron, visited the local Kent International Airport and witnessed up close a Boeing 747 land and taxi and helicopter take off as well as meeting some of the crew and equipment of the civilian airport fire and rescue service there. The Kent airport fire service took the cadets to their training ground which includes an old 747 which cadets were toured around. Visits to the Capel le Ferne Battle of Britain monument, a fun trip to a leisure centre which included wave pools and slides, various museums and a trip to the huge Dover Castle were also organised for them.

Cadets at a briefing given by Regional Commandant Grp Cpt Morrell.

At Dover Castle the cadets were taken through World War Two tunnels and they learned about the uses for tunnels from World War Two to the end of the cold war. They then went further back in time and dined with the King of England.

This has been rated by many cadets as the best camp they have ever been on with staff and cadets agreeing the accommodation and food was second to none! It’s not every day cadets get their own kitchens and Freeview televisions at their disposal! Thank you to all Maston staff and ACO staff for the organising and let’s hope future camps can match the immense fun had by all!


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Article Submitted by:-
Cadet Flight Sergeant Chris Lovell - 198 (Hinckley) Squadron
22 Apr 12

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