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Cadet 150 Camp Royal Naval College Dartmouth

During the last week cadet Flight Sergeant Tom Jackson of 198 ( Hinckley ) Squadron was one of 150 cadets of air, sea and army from all over the UK lucky enough to be selected to attend a unique residential camp at the Royal Naval College Dartmouth, to mark the 150 th Anniversary of the cadet movement.

The aim of the camp was to aid the cadets with completing the residential section of their gold duke of Edinburgh award and to learn the skills involved with being a Duke of Edinburgh leader.

RFA Argus, was our new home. 120 Air, Sea, Army and CCF cadets stepped on board on the 11 th of August, with the hope of completing the residential section of the D of E award. The next couple of days was a chance for everybody to learn about naval history as we had a tour around HMS Victory and Portsmouth Dockyard. It was also a chance to learn about the RFA and the vessel we were staying aboard, which was great as the RFA aren't generally talked about as much as the forces.

As this year is the Cadet 150, it would be silly not to have 150 cadets on the course, so when we arrived at BRNC Dartmouth we were joined by more cadets including a CCF band which brought the numbers up to 150. With this many cadets it was easy to make lots of new friends, and was excellent to meet cadets from all over the country.

During our time spent on the course, we learnt all about teamwork and leadership skills and therefore took part in activities such as; leadership tasks, low ropes, the bridge trainer, sports, boating and motor biking. All of these activities helped us bond with each division bringing us all closer together and gave everyone a better sense of confidence and improved each individual's leadership qualities.

On the Monday evening, the Senior Gun Room was the setting for a Grand mess dinner which everybody thoroughly enjoyed. The males wore Dinner suites complete with black bow ties and the females had to wear evening dresses.

On the final day of the course, we stood on parade for the last time. The parade was inspected and addressed by the Commodore of the Naval College and we did a march past at the end. We got presented with our well earnt certificates in the afternoon, and celebrated in the evening by having a Ceilidh, which was a great laugh and was a very fitting event to top off and close an amazing week

Dartmouth day 1 Initiative ex
Dartmouth Day 1 Initiative ex 2
Dartmouth Day 1 Learning together
Dartmouth Day 2 March past
Dartmouth Day 3 Formal Dinner
Dartmouth Day 3 Learning Seamanship
Dartmouth Day 5 Inspection by Commander
Day 5 Team Photograph

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Article Submitted by:-
Flight Sergeant Tom Jackson - 198 (Hinckley) Squadron
06 Sep 10

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