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Cadet Leadership Course Firmley Park 5 11 July 09

I arrived at Frimley Park on Sunday. We were shown our accommodation and issued with webbing/bergens and rifles for the week.

Soon after my arrival I was placed into my Platoon, which was then split into two sections. (These being the teams which we would work. And throughout the week, we would compete against the other platoons).

The next day our Platoon was taken off in the back of a Bedford truck to compete in an orienteering competition, raft building, boat race and inter section volley ball competition. Throughout the week we undertook various challenges and activities, including a tug of war, command tasks and initiative exercises skill atarms and map reading. Each member of the platoon and section got a chance at being a Platoon Commander or section commander and 2 IC. Throughout the week we would have a chance to take charge of the section/platoon and lead various tasks and exercises and put our leadership skills to the test

As part of the intersection competition we did a march of 4 km with full kit and rifles which had to be completed within 35 minutes, followed by a shooting competition on a 200 m range.

On the Thursday morning we prepared to go out in the field where we stayed for two nights, while completing patrol and ambush exercises, we used various patrol formations, such as the herringbone and patrolled on high alert throughout the night and shared out the sentry duties.

Overall it was a very rewarding and challenging week, where I learnt many new skills, grew in confidence, improved as a leader and met some amazing people. My highlight of the week was taken when my team won the wish stream races, (an 800 m log race followed by an obstacle course), where the sense of achievement when we discovered that we had won was sky high. I would recommend the course to anyone up for a challenge as it is a fantastic week not to be missed. I will remember this week for ever.

Cadet Leadership Course – Firmley Park 5 – 11 July 09

Article Submitted by:-
Cpl Enya Tabram - 163 Coventry Phoenix Squadron
31 Jul 09

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