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It's Snow Joke
Nordic Ski Zwiesel Germany

During the week of the 12 - 21 January 2007 I attended an overseas Camp at Zwiesel in Germany.

"Zwiesel Germany, Here I come. Let hope there's snow.

What a crossing from Dover to Calais, Just after the bad winds in UK. The crossing was rough. Spent more time outside than in. (No not sea sick)

We were unfortunate, not to have any snow, during our stay in Zwiesel. So when the time came we had a 3 hour trip into Austria 3 hours ski and 3 hours back. The coach is where we spent most of our time.

During our trips to Austria we managed 2 days skiing, a 3 rd arranged, unfortunately had to be cancelled due to a Hurricane.

The Camp gave you an opportunity to meet cadets from all over the UK, Scotland and Ireland, where I was able to discuss all aspect of the corps and learn new skills to instruct and teach cadets. I made a lot of new friends and will keep in touch with them through MSN, and hopefully meet with them again".

Photo Me on top of a snowy mountainGroup of Cadets at side of the Coach

Article Submitted by:-
Cdt Sgt Craig Boyfield - 163 Coventry Phoenix Squadron
11 Feb 07

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