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Air Cadet WordSearch game
Our version of the classic word search game is designed to familiarise cadets with important key words from various sections of the training syllabus.

Air Cadet Aircraft Matching game

Supports Airmanship II syllabus ACP 34 volume 2 chapter 3 Aircraft knowledge.

Air Cadet Crossword puzzle
A collection of crossword puzzles specifically designed to test your knowledge of the RAF, ATC and aviation in general

Air Cadet JigSaw Puzzles
A collection of Jigsaw puzzles based on cadet related images. It may not be as easy as it looks some of the pieces aren't the right way up. To rotate the pieces into the correct orientation select a piece and press the space bar to rotate it. You can even make it more difficult for yourself by increasing the number of pieces. Enjoy.

Fly the Tutor game
Have you got what it takes to be one of the next generation of pilots or will you crash and burn!

Eagle Squadron
'Eagle' Squadrons, were manned by volunteers from the United States , who joined the RAF before their country entered the war. See if you can help them to fend off the Luftwaffe by shooting down as many ME109's as you can.


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