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Caption Competition - June 07

Caption Competition Jun 07

The winning entry for this months competition was the following caption which was submitted by Cpl Sam Hanna

"DFS Launch new anti terrorist sofa."

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Captions Submitted - In order of submission

I often wondered where 487 Sqn's Warrant officer was when he wasn't on Parade, looks like we found him after all.
Submttied by Andy Hudson

Ok just shoot the boots
Submttied by ILCrewe

I still can't find those sky hooks sir or the tartan paint.
Submttied by Jock

Goldilocks sat on Daddy Bear's Sofa but it was too hard!
Submttied by F.Able

Whilst in pursuit of a notorious local cat burglar the North Warwickshire Police had found a Sofa in a lay-by and decided to commander it for the Police Social Club.
A Police Statement release said that the whereabouts of the burglar still remained a complete mystery.

Submitted by I.N.Competent

"Pike! I told you, if you were to work in the Bank you needed to dress in a Three-piece SUIT, stupid boy!"
Submitted by Captain Mainwaring

Lucy hoped her mum would not notice the Private Stain she had left on the sofa.
Submitted by V.Anish

Although his mother couldn't see him, like all good mums, she still knew when he had his feet up on the furniture
Submitted by Jonny  

" the army's new corporate sponsorship was going a bit far when they got their uniforms sponsored by Laura Ashley!! "
Submitted by Stephen Anderson  

Despite all the troopers best concealment efforts he was finally nailed by the invisible man.
Submitted by Barry M

"DFS Launch new anti terrorist sofa."
Submitted by Cpl Sam Hanna
Have a go at this months Caption Competition.
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