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Target Shooting

Marksmanship training follows a structured programme, which helps to build self-discipline and a strong sense of responsibility. Cadets are trained by qualified Weapon Instructors on the use of the rifles and must pass a general Weapons Handling Test before they are allowed to participate in live firing.

As with many other activities, if you are a really good shot you may be chosen to represent the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing or the Central and East Region and even go on to represent the Corps at a national level.

Cadets are trained by qualified Weapon Instructors Cadets can be trained to use three types of weapons; the .177 Air Rifle, .22 No.8 single shot bolt action rifle and the full bore L98A1 General Purpose Cadet Rifle. Expert marksman can also be trained to fire the L81 7.72 calibre bolt action Target Rifle

The .177 Air Rifle can be fired on Squadron held indoor ranges and several Units have their own Air Rifle Range.

The .22 rifle is used on 25-meter indoor or outdoor ranges.

The L98 uses 5.56 calibre rounds and is a non-automatic version of the general service issue, SA80 as used by British forces. It is used on outdoor ranges of 25 or 100 plus meters.

Qualified cadets can also attain a range of marksmanship badges from Squadron Marksman through to Corps Marksman on all the weapons fired within the Corps.

Squadron Marksman
Wing Marksman
Regional Marksman
Corps Marksman

DCAE Cosford Supports Weapon Training Course
Bang on Target for Regional Marksman


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