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The TutorFor most people flying means going on holiday. They will never take control of an aircraft themselves. As an Air Cadet on your first Air Experience Flight (AEF) in the Tutor aircraft of No.8 AEF at RAF Cosford, the pilot will taxi out to the runway, take off and find some clear airspace. Depending on the conditions at the time the pilot may offer you the opportunity to try some aerobatics, alternately you may be given the chance of taking control of the aircraft yourself. When the pilot hands over the control of the aircraft, you will hear the words "You have control", no other youth group could offer you such an opportunity.Chinook


As well as Air Experience Flights in the Tutor, cadets also have the opportunity to fly in many other types of RAF aircraft especially when on annual camp. These flights are generally restricted to the larger aircraft such as the VC10, Hercules, Puma, Chinook and, Sea King and many others, so don't think you'll be flying as the back seat jockey in the Tornado, well not just yet, but who knows, remember, the majority of RAF aircrew started their careers as air cadets.


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Flying Scholarship

You may, if you make the grade, be able to apply for an Air League Flying Scholarship. With the scholarship you will receive ground school training and 20 hours of free flying training at a civil flying club, this would normally include about 5 hours' solo flying.
The Scholarship could be the first stage of your flying career it's particularly attractive to those cadets who are interested in becoming pilots in the RAF alternately it takes you part of the way to attaining a Private Pilots Licence (PPL).

To qualify for a Flying Scholarship you must

be over 16 and under 20 (22 if you're an Air Cadet)
be in full-time education or an Air Cadet
have or be expected to achieve good examination results
be medically fit to fly

The competition for Scholarships is tough, selection takes place at the Officer & Aircrew Selection Centre at RAF Cranwell. Have you got what it takes to make the grade? If the answers YES ask a member of staff for more details. If you don't ask you don't get.

Cpl Roberts gets his Flying Scholarship
Air League Flying Scholarship - Ben Pinner

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