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Once you have completed your First Class Cadet examination you can go on a weeks Annual Camp with your squadron.

Every year, Air Cadets are given the chance to attend camps on operational RAF stations. These camps give the cadets a first-hand opportunity see what life in the RAF is all about. It's also an excellent opportunity to meet new friends and have a lot of fun.

During their time at camp the cadets sleep in RAF accommodation, eat in the airman's mess and visited the various sections around the station such as the flying squadrons and the control tower etc. The training programme for camps also includes shooting, sports, and night exercises as well as lots of drill, uniform and room inspections.

Camps on an RAF station in the UK are held during the Easter or summer holidays in July and August. During a camp-week, cadets well get to see how the RAF lives and works they will also receive a variety of forms of practical training and sometimes the chance of a flight in an RAF aircraft.

Cadet from Warwickshire & Birmingham wing also get the chance to attend one of our HMS Bristol camps and experience life onboard a Royal Navy destroyer.

As cadet progresses within the organisation they may also have the opportunity to apply to attend camps at overseas RAF stations.

See the following News items for further information relating to Camps:-

RAF Coningsby 14 ~ 11 Jul 2009
RAF St Mawgan 1 ~ 8 Apr 2009

Annual camp RAF Boulmer 12-19 July 08

Warwickshire & Birmingham wing annual camp RAF Lossiemouth

Cadets get a taste of life in the RAF on summer camp

Summer Camp Royal Air Force College Cranwell 08 ~ 15 July 2006

Trip of a lifetime in Tucano T1 during Easter camp
RAF Lyneham Camp 2005
RAF Coltishall Camp 2005
Marine Society Training Ship "Earl of Romney"

RAF Coltishall - Cadets in front of a Typhoon and the Red Arrows – Click to enlarge
What did you do last weekend?  - Click to Enlarge
The view of a lifetime from the back of a C130 during a training flight - Click to enlarge

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